Build better employee relationships: give choice and establish trust

A new Employee Relationship Economy has emerged to replace the finite employer/employee relationships of the past. Now, organizations must consider their ongoing relationships with employees who will become their customers, brand evangelists, and boomerang employees of the future.

Offering voluntary separation incentive programs is one way for employers to meet bottom-line goals while maintaining positive relationships with employees. In this whitepaper, we’ll guide you through best practices and help you answer these essential questions:

  1. What are your objectives?
  2. Will you consider an early retirement incentive program (ERIP)?
  3. Who will be eligible for the voluntary separation offering?
  4. What are the terms of your incentive plan?
  5. What are the legal ramifications of workforce reductions?
  6. How will you protect your employer brand?

Download the white paper now to join the Employee Relationship Economy.