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Every day, companies make adjustments to their workforce in order to keep up with market volatility and the shifting bottom line.

Sadly, this sometimes means a reduction in staff. Layoffs, politics, performance, and the lack of need for given skill sets all lead organizations to eliminate roles and separate employees from the organization. This is where outplacement comes into play.

A layoff, the transition of an employee out of a given organization, can be a very traumatic and difficult process—but that is why outplacement is vital to both the departing employee and the organization. Outplacement can turn a potentially difficult and angry situation into one that creates a smooth road of transition to the employee’s next role. Employers who use outplacement services represent top-performing organizations, according to new research.

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Howard Adamsky, a Senior Research Analyst in Human Capital Management for Aberdeen Group, to discover:

  • Why outplacement (or the lack thereof) can impact your future hiring and your brand
  • Which outplacement services matter most—and how to deliver them expertly
  • A case study on how JCPenney uses outplacement to ensure success for both the company and the employee after a layoff.

Featured Speaker:


Howard Adamsky

Senior Research Analyst in Human Capital Management, Aberdeen Group

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