SmartTalkHR On-Demand Webinar

Organizations planning a reduction in force face many challenges, including caring for their departing employees, protecting the employer brand, keeping unemployment taxes as low as possible, and limiting legal liability. If not undertaken with care, RIF’s - otherwise designed to save a company - could end up burying it in litigation.

In this #SmartTalkHR webinar, legal experts provide HR Professionals with a walkthrough of the "minefield" that RIF’s can present. To that end, this presentation covers three key areas necessary to understanding and successfully navigating a RIF:

  • A background overview of RIF’s in general—why they may happen, and why it is crucial for employers to know and understand how to deal with them.
  • An overview of the litigation risks that employers may face when a RIF occurs. More specifically, the presenters describe what particular claims affected employees often bring in RIF situations, and what employer conduct can most often expose the business to liability.
  • A description of some of the best ways employers can mitigate their risk, thereby reducing the chance of litigation and, if litigation does occur, shrinking potential exposure to monetary damages.

Featured Speaker:


Stephen E. Fox

Shareholder at Polsinelli; Top 100 Litigation Attorneys, Texas Monthly

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Jonathan Clark

Attorney at Polsinelli; Specializing in business and commercial litigation

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