SmartTalkHR On-Demand Webinar

Digital recruitment may be the key to an effective overall recruiting strategy -- but where should you begin?

This #SmartTalkHR webinar with Jessica Miller-Merrell, founder of Workology, will walk you through your digital recruiting options and show you how to develop and prioritize initiatives designed to drive change and establish buy-in. Discover how to align your recruitment efforts with your online presence by using creative and truly out-of-the-box digital recruiting strategies.

We will discuss:

  • Prioritizing talent attraction efforts using digital strategies
  • Establishing small wins that build to larger ones
  • Putting into practice the top five creative digital strategies for recruiters and HR leaders - from programmatic ad buying and social media to video and other media

Featured Speaker:


Jessica Miller-Merrell

Author, HR Consultant and founder of Workology

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