SmartTalkHR On-Demand Webinar

Most HR organizations know what they need to do in order to succeed—but they don’t do it. Why is that? After all, companies spend big bucks to send HR teams to conferences, buy the latest technology, and teach best practices. And HR people are great at seeking networking opportunities and attending webinars. So what keeps us from putting that learning to its optimal use?

In this #SmartTalkHR webinar with Jeffrey Pfeffer, an American business theorist and the Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, you’ll discover how to close that gap between knowing and doing—once and for all. This informative session will cover:

  • What barriers commonly prevent us from acting on what we know
  • Which strategies and tools empower you to turn actionable insight into real action
  • How the right management practices can build a culture focused on getting things done

Featured Speaker:


Jeffrey Pfeffer

Professor of Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, Author, and award winnning HR thought leader/p>

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