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A Josh Bersin HR Summer School Series webinar with Jeanne Schad

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Some of the greatest innovations have arisen from the economic chasms of the Great Depression and the 2008 recession. Today is no different. Companies that succeed in the current challenging environment are harnessing innovation and embracing new business models.

The ability to accomplish this lies in developing an agile workforce that can be rapidly redeployed, has a growth mindset of continual learning, upskilling and reskilling, and one that arises from a culture of continual career exploration and development.

Join Randstad RiseSmart’s Jeanne Schad, Talent Solutions and Strategy Practice Leader, as she covers the steps you can take to develop the workforce you need to innovate your way into the future.

Topics covered include:

    • attributes of an agile workforce
    • developing a culture of continual career development
    • learning in the flow of work
    • leveraging skill building that’s already taking place in your organization
    • encouraging managers to share talent, not hoard it
    • shifting employees’ mindset to one of lifelong learning, skilling and contribution as opposed to specific next roles

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Jeanne Schad, Talent Solutions and Strategy Practice Leader, Randstad RiseSmart

Jeanne is a strategic leader who helps organizations retain top talent through career development solutions, as well as build strong employer brands and engaging cultures. An ICF-certified coach, she has held various roles in coaching, leadership development and career development over the past 16 years. In 2014, the California Diversity Council named Jeanne as one of the most influential and powerful women in the state.

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