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key employment trends in the financial services industry.

Discover the latest employment trends within the financial sector – and practical guidance on how to overcome upcoming challenges. 


From banking and capital markets to insurance to investment management to commercial real estate, financial services firms face significant opportunities to lead the economic recovery.

By prioritizing digital transformation, ESG initiatives, and of course, when it comes to people, investing in talent and employee experience, companies will be able to find new ways to innovate and increase efficiency.

Download the report to discover the key employment trends and how to best navigate them. In the guide, you’ll read about:

  • changes to the traditional workforce, and how to upskill the workforce to manage risk from fraudsters and criminals. 
  • how to navigate employee retention and talent scarcity challenges in the face of overtures from competitors.
  • the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion policies, and ways to remove bias and boost inclusion. 
  • how to implement successful hybrid working models whilst managing compliance obligations.
  • and more.