SmartTalkHR On-Demand Webinar

The HR profession has evolved from an administrative and technical/functional focus to a strategic focus.  For the last 20 years, strategy has been a mirror in which HR sees and aligns HR practices to help deliver business results.  We believe that the next step in HR is to focus on “HR from the Outside In.”  In this view, strategy is not a mirror, but a window through which HR professionals align their work to forces and stakeholders outside their organization. This session will be woven around three questions:

  1. What is your greatest work challenge today?
  2. What does HR uniquely bring to the strategy discussion
  3. What are keys to HR transformation?

Participants will leave this session with the ability to better assess and improve their HR department through an outside in perspective.  We will offer specific actions to improve the HR department and skills of HR professionals.  We envision an open discussion more than prescribed solutions where we co-create and learn together.

Featured Speaker:


Dave Ulrich

Author, Professor, HR & Leadership Guru

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