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from layoffs to take-off

download our report to master the delicate art of workforce right-sizing during times of economic turbulence.


economic uncertainty is forcing the tech sector to make workforce changes


The tech sector is facing a period of significant uncertainty that could have profound implications for employees. The pandemic boom has being followed by an economic downturn that is forcing business leaders to re-balance their workforce – including layoffs.

This guide discusses some of the challenges faced by the tech sector and explores the most effective ways to develop your workforce to meet the needs of your business and its people. You will discover:

  • the industry big picture
    What is happening to the tech sector – and what is the employment outlook.
  • alternatives to layoffs
    Layoffs are a way to reduce costs, but there may be other options that offer better long-term outcomes for your business.
  • the importance of empathy
    Layoffs tend to be pragmatic, a financial decision undertaken for the good of the business. But it is also very important to consider the needs of the individual during the process.
  • layoffs done right
    Letting people go can have profound implications – particularly if the process is mishandled. This is your checklist for approaching layoffs the right way.
  • reputation and long-term considerations
    Corporate reputation is hugely important for attracting the brightest talent. This is what you must do to protect it.

In-depth and practical, this report will help decision-makers take important cost-cutting measures that respect and value outgoing employees and protect your brand image.