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making layoffs without making headlines.

If you're facing the possibility of having to make layoffs, we’ve taken our expertise - gained over three decades - and presented it with The Conference Board in this special webcast. You’ll hear from one of our experts, along with a long-standing client, on what works in today’s market.

You'll learn how to:

  • Implement a model of best practice when planning and communicating layoffs.
  • Design messaging regarding a downsizing event that minimizes the risk that employees or the media have a negative impact on your organization’s reputation
  • Prepare your managers to be more resilient and effective when notifying people of changes and provide the right kind of support for those affected

This webcast is ideal for business leaders tasked with managing a layoff or downsizing, who want to understand the damaging risk factors if they get their internal or external communications wrong.


Heather Swift

Heather Swift, Senior Vice President, Randstad RiseSmart

Kristen Wynne

Kristen Wynne, Head of People Success, Skyhigh Security

Robin Erickson

Facilitated by: Robin Erickson, Vice President, Human Capital, The Conference Board