on-demand webinar

how HR can use employer brand to drive organisational change

In a new age of purpose-driven organisational activity and a desire to create meaningful work in uncertain times, how can HR leaders use the concept of employer branding to accelerate organisational development as we come out of crisis mode and attempt to build more sustainable, agile companies?

Register now and hear Francesca Campalani, Vice President of Global Talent Marketing, Randstad Enterprise Group, discuss what it takes to use the tools, messaging and the concept of employer brand to create post-pandemic cultures and working environments. An anthropologist by trade, Francesca offers a deep understanding of human nature and how to motivate others to succeed in their profession. In this webinar, learn how to:

  • create a work culture that values employees and inspires excellence
  • build a workforce that addresses skills gaps and promotes individual long-term employability
  • take advantage of employer brand brand resources to drive more rapid change in your organisation

Find out how to take the next step and create a more sustainable, agile workforce.