on-demand webinar
future-ready your organisation:
business and HR strategies to thrive in uncertainty.

How do you turn a challenging and uncertain economic environment into a business opportunity for your organisation?

Join Melanie Small, Randstad RiseSmart Career and Talent Mobility Solutions Director, and Futurist Matt O'Neill in this on-demand webinar on how to build business and HR strategies to address rapid change and unforeseen circumstances. They will discuss some of the economic and social trends impacting work on the near and mid-term horizon.

Register now and learn how to:

  • Take advantage of new approaches and trends to organisational and personal change
  • Discover operating principles that influence a positive business environment
  • Adopt a human-forward approach to skilling and reskilling employees and talent mobility

Find out how corporate leadership teams worldwide are thriving in today's challenging times and ensuring long-term success with a future-ready approach to career and talent mobility. Recharge your organisational talent strategy today.

featured speakers

john hendrikx

Melanie Small

Randstad RiseSmart Career and Talent Mobility Solutions Director

As part of the Randstad RiseSmart UK team, Melanie partners with a range of national and international organisations and leaders; creating pragmatic solutions that address talent mobility and transformation needs. Drawing on 25+ years of experience in career and organisational transition, people development and consulting, she is passionate about helping to shape engaging cultures and drive individual and business agility.

john hendrikx

Matt O'Neill



As a futurist, Matt assesses and highlights trends that are changing society and is an essential contributor to tomorrow’s business success. Matt has spent over 15 years developing marketing and communications businesses with innovative strategies, products and services. To learn more about Matt, click here.

john hendrikx

Jeanne Schad

Talent Solutions and Strategy Practice Lead, Randstad RiseSmart

Jeanne is a strategic leader who helps organizations retain top talent through career development solutions, as well as build strong employer brands and engaging cultures. An ICF-certified coach, she has held various roles in coaching, leadership development and career development over the past 16 years. In 2014, the California Diversity Council named Jeanne as one of the most influential and powerful women in the state.