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career mobility outlook: a randstad risesmart report.

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How do employer and employee perspectives on crucial workforce issues compare?

We surveyed HR professionals and employees across company sizes and industries in Q3 2021 to better understand their outlook on crucial aspects of the workplace in the coming months.

Topics covered include:

• Economic and industry sentiment

• Recruitment trends

• Internal mobility and job transition behavior

• In-demand skills

Download the full report to learn about the ways in which employers and employees are aligned on these topics, as well as noticeable disconnects.

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Successful organizations understand the importance of not only hiring the right employees, but also providing continuous opportunities for career growth and development. Discover how effective US employers are when it comes to developing their talent, along with opportunities for improvement, including: 

  • availability of internal mobility opportunities 
  • manager openness to internal mobility 
  • access to career development and skilling initiatives  

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